Saturday, December 12, 2015

Black Necklace with Vintage Jet Nailhead Beads

Long necklace with black nailhead beads in the centerpiece. I imagine wearing it with sheer black blouse. Would look great going to a party with it but it's easy to celebrate every day with a necklace like this :)

Czechoslovakia vintage beads black jet nailheads
The necklace measures 74cm long with centerpiece 8cm.
Here it is next to antique sample card with nailhead beads
and a bowl of black French Prosser beads also
used in this necklace.

mdmButiik vintage style jewelry
Small plate with tiny nailhead beads shown in previous
blog post creating a contrast with a big round nailhead bead
measuring 26mm!

Different size and shapes of nailhead beads used in the necklace.

Pikemat sorti kaelakee musta värvi nailhead helmestest. Kujutan ette, kuidas seda kanda musta värvi šifoon pluusiga. Hea panna peo jaoks kaela, kuid sellise kaelakeega saab vabalt argipäeva pidupäevaks muuta :)

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