Monday, November 28, 2016

Emerald Green Necklace in Vintage Style

I just couldn't wait and made this necklace shortly after I got back from New York. I was using the jewellery materials I got from CJS Sales! This necklace is available at under the name Emerald Green Cascading Necklace.

The jewellery materials I got from CJS Sales: vintage emerald green
glass stones from Western Germany, vintage grey glass pearls from
Japan, vintage Czech bronze bugle beads and newer grey
and faceted bronze Czech beads.

Siin on roheline kaelakee, mille tegin vahetult pärast New Yorgist tagasi jõudmist. Kasutasin materjale, mis sain CJS Sales laost! Kaelakee on saadaval lehel nime all Emerald Green Cascading Necklace.


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