Friday, July 1, 2016

Antique Prosser Beads

Here are more photos of the Prosser bead boxes. These are already falling apart but I'm always thrilled when I get the beads in original state! To read more about these beads you can go and click my post Discovering Glass vol.7 - Prosser Beads and Bead Revolution.

These boxes contain beads in pink and Lucite green (or turquoise) color. Lucite green is already my favorite, I got the same colored beads earlier loose in a plastic bag and I've made a Lucite Green collection with these. I also had some pink beads as well when I made Pale Pink Bracelet and Earrings. Now I have this color in 5mm too!

vintage style, jewelry, jewellery, Estonian, Estonia,made in Estonia
Color code 7228 stands for pink and 7234 for Lucite green,
00 is for size (read about Kernel number and French Line)
and 5000 for amount.

vintage style jewelry, beaded jewelry, mdmbutiik, Estonia, Estonian
The beads are pushing through the corners...
rhinestone jewellery, vintage style, beaded jewelry, mdmbutiik
I had 6mm beads before in this color. Then I got 4mm and now
5mm. Thinking that this might be my next material to work with!

Siin on rohkem pilte nendest Porsser helmestega karpidest.Need pole kõige paremas olukorras, aga helmed originaalpakendis on alati rõõmustav! Kui tahad lugeda rohkem nendest helmestest, siis kliki postitust Discovering Glass vol.7 - Prosser Beads and Bead Revolution

Need karbid sisaldavad helmeid heleroosa ja "Lucite" rohelistes (türkiisroheline) värvides. "Lucite green" on mul juba lemmik, kui varem sain helmeid samas värvis ja tegin neist kollektsiooni Lucite Green collection. Samuti oli mul varem heleroosasid helmeid, millest tegin komplektina kantavad käeketi ja kõrvarõngad. Nüüd on mul seda värvi ka 5mm suuruses!

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