Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Historically Inspired: Emerald Princess Rhinestone Jewelry

These vintage kite shaped Swarovski rhinestones are so royal looking! I was thinking that these are suitable for a princess, don't you agree? First I made the bracelet, the process was quick and easy and I named it Emerald Princess Rhinestone Bracelet :)
Historical jewelry. Rhinestone jewelry. emerald green. sparkly.
Emerald Princess Rhinestone Bracelet has rare vintage
Swarovski rhinestones in royal emerald green color
and interesting kite shape.
Bracelet consist five metal plates that each has that special Swarovski stone in beautiful and timeless Emerald color. I added some clear colored rhinestones and tiny pearls. Those five metal plates are connected with links of vintage glass pearls and rhinestone rondelles.
emerald princess rhinestone bracelet. historical jewelry. antique style. historical bracelet. antique bracelet
Emerald Princess Rhinestone Bracelet consist of five
metal plates with rhinestones that are connected with
links of vintage glass pearls
Earrings were not so easy... I wanted to make a pair that has pearl dangles but couldn't figure out how to add odd number of those. The solution was very simple though. I just rotated the motif from horizontal to vertical.
emerald princess earrings. emerald green. antique style. rhinestone earrings.
Emerald Princess earrings have the same motif that is turned
from horizontal to vertical
These Emerald Princess earrings are fun! The pearl dangles add just enough movement and the centerpiece is still that vintage Swarovski kite shaped stone.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Vintage Emerald Green

These are vintage Swarovski rhinestones. They are in beautiful, almost royal emerald green color! Shape reminds me of kite. I don't have the right setting for them so I need to improvise. 
These rhinestones are definitely old, with K. S & Co Edelweiss logo and two digit article code. The faceting is perfect and the gold foiling backing these stones mint!
Just look at these perfect cuts! These look brand new!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Dark Red Rhinestone Brooch

Dark red rhinestone brooch from the collection Flavors: Pomegranate. A mixture of different red hues with a hint of amethyst purple.
burgundy, pomegranate, red. vintage style jewelry. mdmButiik. red brooch
Dark red brooch. Flavors of Cherry / Pomegranate
In the center of this small brooch is Swarovski Burgundy rhinestone that has a deep and mellow red color. It's difficult to capture with a photo but it so deep you can get lost :D

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bridal Hair comb with Rhinestones and Pearls

Making jewellery for bridal occasion is such a treat! For the wedding I can make something festive, sweet and sparkly with abundant of vintage glass pearls... Throughout my jewellery making there has been one special hair comb that proved to be popular among the brides. The basic design is simple - a flower motif with two wired branches on both sides. 
wedding jewelry, bridal style, vintage style weddings, wedding ideas, hair accessories, hair brooch, hair comb, bridal hair comb
Bridal hair comb reinvented!
Vintage jewellery materials are always limited, so every now and then I need to reinvent the design. This time I added vintage bronze colored glass beads I got from France to the bridal hair comb. Even though so tiny they have been faceted!
Hochzeit, Haarbrosche, Mariage Bijoux, weddings, bridal
New addition to these bridal hair comb design
is the bronze colored tiny beads that add a bit of glamour.
Materials in this bridal hair comb are:
*vintage Swarovski rhinestones
*vintage handmade glass pearls, made in Japan
*vintage small glass pearls I got from France
*vintage bronze colored tiny faceted beads I got from France
*new copper plated metal components

Monday, February 19, 2018

Dark Red Rhinestone Jewelry in Vintage Style

Here is the rest of Flavors of Pomegranate jewelry! This dark red rhinestone necklace captures the rich and ripe colors of pomegranate. Featuring five beaded plates with new Swarovski rhinestones, old and new beads, with each plate having bead dangles.
vintage style jewelry. #vintage #vintagestyle #necklace #brooch #dark #red #darkred #vintagejewelry #rhinestonejewelry
Dark red rhinestone necklace with a matching
dark red brooch in vintage style!

Necklace is short and designed to sit right under your neck. Measuring 40cm (15 1/2 inch) long, plus 4cm extender chain for adjustments. The elegant colors of mellow pomegranate red is also captured in this small dark red brooch that measures only 3,5x2,5cm.
#dark #red #bracelet #rhinestone #rhinestonebracelet #bracelets #darkred #vintagestyle #vintage #handmade #rhinestones
Dark red rhinestone bracelet to sparkle up your wrist!
In the center of this dark red rhinestone bracelet is a metal plate with overflowing details created with new and old glass beads and Swarovski rhinestones. Finished with crystals and a selection of new and vintage beads.
#vintagestyle #darkred #red #earrings #vintage #style #rhinestones #rhinestoneearrings #jewelry
Dark red dangle earrings have big faceted
Preciosa crystal beads
Vintage style dark red rhinestone earrings have new and old beads, vintage Swarovski rhinestones and big Preciosa crystal beads.
earring studs #red #rhinestone #suds #studearrings
Selection of stud earrings to match Flavors of Pomegranate
jewelry. On the left you see dark red crystal stud earrings
with Swarovski Burgundy rhinestones
The collection of Flavors include Lavender, Rose, Caramel, Dark Chocolate and Pomegranate. Pick your favorite!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Dark Red Crystal Stud Earrings

Simple crystal earrings for everyday use! Deep and rich red colored "Burgundy" Swarovski crystal that can be combined with Pomegranate jewelry from Flavors collection. Rhinestone measures 6mm.
dark red crystal stud earrings from flavors of pomegranate. #dark #red #darkred #stud #studs #studearrings #earrings #rhinestone #jewelry #vintagestyle #sparkly
Dark red crystal stud earrings from Flavors of Pomegranate
The rest of the Flavors of Pomegranate jewelry is already finished. I will post more soon! If you can't wait you're always welcomed to visit mdmButiik shop ;)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Vintage Style Dangle Earrings in Dark Brown Color

From the collection of Flavors, these dark brown dangle earrings capture the rich flavors of chocolate. Vintage rhinestone earrings have new and old beads, vintage Swarovski rhinestones and big crystal glass beads with many sparkly facets!
Vintage style dangle earrings in dark brown color

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dark Brown Rhinestone Jewelry Inspired by Dark Chocolate

From the collection of Flavors, this dark brown rhinestone necklace is inspired by the rich taste of chocolate. Just as the best quality of chocolate reveals it's nuances for those who take the time, this necklace has many details to capture! Featuring a pendant covered with old and new Swarovski rhinestones, vintage and new pearls and finished of with a row of selected beads.
dark brown rhinestone necklace #vintagestyle #rhinestone #necklace #brown #chocolate #jewelry #rhinestonejewelry #mdmButiik
Dark brown rhinestone necklace from Flavors of Chocolate

Sparkle up your wrist with this matching bracelet. In the center of this dark brown rhinestone bracelet is a metal plate adorned with new and old glass beads and sparkly rhinestones. Enclosed with two oval glass stones and a selection of beads.
dark brown rhinestone bracelet #dark #brown #rhinestone #bracelet #jewelry #chocolate #vintagestyle #bracelets #rhinestonejewelry
The centerpiece of this dark brown rhinestone bracelet
is overflowing with beads and rhinestones!

See more matching jewelry at mdmButiik shop. Inspired by dark chocolate :) You can follow the inspiration of the jewelry from previous posts. Take a look and scroll down to view or take a short cut here: Color Inspiration: Chocolate Brown

Monday, February 12, 2018

Rhinestone Crystal Stud Earrings for Everyday Use

Warm glow of rhinestone studs. Here you see a pair of stud earrings that can be worn everyday. One pair of beige opal crystal stud earrings with new Swarovski rhinestones and other brown crystal stud earrings with vintage Swarovski rhinestones.
vintage style jewelry, #studs #studearrings #earrings #vintagestyle #jewelry #brown #opal #rhinestone
Vintage style jewelry: beige opal crystal stud earrings
and brown crystal stud earrings

On the background you see a beige brooch from Flavors of Caramel collection that can be combined with both stud earrings.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Flavors of Caramel: Beige Rhinestone Jewelry in Vintage Style

Beige is the color of neutral, calm, relaxing... It has the calculated maturity, acceptance that times will change.
Vintage and new materials that create jewelry of
Flavors of Caramel
Nude beige rhinestone bracelet has rare oval glass stone with a mixture of transparent and silky caramel colored glass. Enclosed with two light brown navettes followed by metal plates covered with old and new beads. This rhinestone bracelet shows different shades of beige and browns with that little extra pink!
vintage style bracelet, rhinestone bracelet #bracelets #vintage #rhinestone #pastejewelry #rhinestonejewelry
Nude beige rhinestone bracelet from Flavors of Caramel

Featuring intricate beaded plates with vintage Swarovski rhinestones that are enclosed with old and new beads this beige rhinestone necklace has interesting shape with a pendant that matches the beige brooch from same collection.
vintage style jewelry #rhinestone #vintage #vintagestyle #rhinestonejewelry #nudecolors #beige #nekclaces #bracelets #brooches
Flavors of Caramel: nude beige rhinestone bracelet,
beige rhinestone necklace and beige brooch

Collection Flavors of Caramel also has a matching pair of beige dangle earrings.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Vintage Style Pink Jewelry

Vintage style pink jewelry to tribute the sweet scent of rose... Featuring intricate beaded plates with vintage Swarovski rhinestones, with old and new beads, this pale pink rhinestone necklace is finished off with delicious French handmade glass pearl.
Pale pink, pastel pink. Vintage style jewelry. Rhinestone jewelry.
From Flavors of Rose: pale pink rhinestone necklace,
pale pink dangle earrings, rose pink rhinestone bracelet
and pale pink brooch
Rose pink rhinestone bracelet has oval glass stone with a mixture of transparent and pink glass enclosed with two rare textured navettes followed by metal plates covered with old and new beads. Different sets can be made with a matching pale pink dangle earrings and pale pink brooch!
crystal stud earrings with Swarovski rhinestones
Crystal stud earrings with Swarovski rhinestones
There are also simple rhinestone studs available at ! Here you see light purple crystal studs that combine with jewelry from Flavors of Lavender and light pink crystal stud earrings to match jewelry from Flavors of Rose. They match so well with each other too don't they?

Monday, February 5, 2018

Rose Pink Rhinestone Brooch

Enjoying the beauty of delicate roses captured in this sweet pink brooch. So many details to look at even though this brooch measures only 3,5x2,5 cm!

Vintage style jewelry, pink jewelry, #pink #brooch #vintage #rhinestone #pastel #sweet
Pale pink brooch, Flavors of Rose
Swarovski rhinestone in color of Silk is in the center of this sweet brooch! Accompanied with vintage Swarovski rhinestones in Pink Opal color that have warm peachy glow. Antique French Prosser beads, faceted beads from Western Germany, delicate glass pearls from France, vintage and new glass beads from Czech... See more photos from

Friday, February 2, 2018

Purple Rhinestone Jewelry in Lavender Purple

Fresh from the lavender fields...

vintage style jewelry in misty lavender purple
Purple rhinestone necklace from the collection of Flavors
Muted colors of purple with vintage Swarovski crystals sparkling, this purple rhinestone necklace is the first item made from Collection of Flavors. Featuring three beaded plates with vintage Swarovski and Preciosa rhinestones, old and new beads this necklace has a lot of movement due to many bead dangles.
purple rhinestone necklace, light purple rhinestone bracelet, purple dangle earrings, purple brooch. Vintage style jewelry
Flavors of Lavender collection
With a matching light purple rhinestone bracelet, purple dangle earrings and purple brooch you can combine your own set.