Sunday, February 27, 2022

Purple Shade

Remember there were some Sapphirine cabochons that looked to have a purple hue? Well I picked these out and will add to this smooth top purple cab in oval shape. Doesn't it look delicious?

These faceted pear shaped stones are vintage Swarovski "Lavendel" color. It will go together with the same antique cut steel beads I have in blue color that I used in the triangle shaped brooch.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

SAPHIRET BROOCH with Sapphirene or Sapphirine

Sparkly rhinestone brooch with vintage Saphiret glass stones! Designed in the shape of a triangle, combined by three motifs.  All of the rhinestones are set and attached to the design one by one. Take a look at more photos of this Saphiret Brooch with Sapphirene or Sapphirine!

vintage style saphiret brooch with sapphirene sapphirine

The materials used in this brooch:
* long shaped Saphiret glass stones with matte finish
* a faceted Saphiret glass rhinestone
* new small Swarovski crystals "Cappuccino DeLight"
* vintage Czech crystals in pear shape
* vintage opal glass beads
* old and new glass pearls
* antique microbeads
* nickle free metal components.
*3,5cm (1 3/8 inches) in diameter

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Vintage Jewellery Materials

 Take a look at these! Vintage Saphiret faceted glass stones with old micro glass seed beads, steel beads and pressed opal glass with silver lining. Vintage  machine cut pear shaped stones from Czechoslovakia.

On the last photo you see the frosted Sapphirine cabochons. These tiny round flatbacks are new Swarovski Cappuccino DeLight.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Vintage Saphiret Sapphirine Glass Cabochons

One of my best finds! These come in their original package with a color name Sapphirine. Flat backed, unfoiled and with frosted finish. Sappharine glass is a combination of brown with blue. How interesting, the hue of blue is inconsistent in these stones, from aqua to sapphire to almost purple?

Vintage Sapphirine Saphiret Glass Cabochons

So happy to find these for I've searched for Saphiret or Sapphirine glass for jewelry making. I'll probably use silver colored settings for these so the silver color metal will glow through the stone and present the color play of blue and brown!