Wednesday, May 26, 2021


Historically inspired necklace with Smoked Topaz Swarovski crystal stones, clear rhinestones and cascading design.

Inspired by historical jewelry of bygone eras, this Smoked Topaz Historical rhinestone necklace is handmade from selected vintage and new glass stones.

Sparkly Swarovski crystals in rich chocolate color "Smoked Topaz" have a variety of shapes and sizes. All brown crystal stones have a frame of  clear sparkly rhinestones creating assortment of motifs. Each rhinestone is attached into setting and then wired to the metal filigree.

Materials used:

*vintage and new Swarovski crystal glass stones in "Smoked Topaz"

*selection of vintage and new clear rhinestones by Preciosa and Swarovski

*vintage glass seed pearls from Japan

*new glass pearls from Preciosa, Czech

*new crystal glass bead "Smoked Topaz" by Preciosa, Czech

*new metal components

*spring clasp

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Vintage Style Rhinestone Bracelets

There is a good selection of bracelets in Like these ones here - two bracelet cuffs and one bracelet. I really love the color of the purple oval, it's a bit opal and for the lot I have I see that each glass stone has its own hue and opal-opaqueness. Making them unique! 
Vintage Style Rhinestone Bracelets
The top bracelet cuff has shell motifs on both sides of sparkly "rivoli" faceted (Prec.) crystal.  And bottom bracelet consists of metal plates connected with pearl links. The vintage square shaped stones are bit "cloudy" but I find them as a fresh change from more common round rhinestones

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Deep Brown of Smoked Topaz Crystal Glass

 Great quality crystal glass in color of "Smoked Topaz" has the deepness and richness that makes me think of dark chocolate :) Here are vintage (Swar.) rhinestones in octagon shape.

Deep Brown of Smoked Topaz Crystal Glass

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Saphiret and Sappharine Glass Rhinestones

 I've been collecting loose Saphiret and Sappharine glass for many years. There's something so special about the color shifting art glass.

Saphiret and Sappharine Glass Rhinestones