About Katrin

Welcome to Renaissance of Jewellery!
You love vintage and antique jewellery? Treasure hunts thrill you? You are fascinated to know what beads, crystals and rhinestones was used in the old days? You love vintage style jewellery and high quality is a must? Your style is feminine, elegant and romantic. You're looking for sparkle and inspiration to your life to fight the day-to-day routine?

This blog is my journey into the world of jewellery. Step by step I unveil the secrets of the materials and techniques used. How to tell the difference between new and old glass beads? How did the jewellery components evolved as the knowledge of materials grew? Want to know what I've found out?

My name is Katrin and I'm captivated by the beauty of vintage and antique jewellery components, jewellery making and treasure hunt. I live in Estonia, a small town called Saue. I believe that beauty can inspire and jewellery has a very special place in the making it happen. In this blog I share behind-the-scenes info about the vintage beads and crystals I've found and their exciting history I managed to reconstruct. Don't miss it and subscribe!