Monday, July 4, 2022

Deep Dark Red

I haven't shared here the deep color components: beads, rhinestones and cabochons. I made jewelry with these that were inspired by antique Bohemian garnet jewelry. The materials here are not garnet but glass and crystal glass, new and vintage.
Deep dark red

deep dark red

deep dark red

deep dark red

Old "English cut" glass beads from Czechoslovakia, Austrian and Czech crystal glass rhinestones... Inspiring isn't it? Photographing these is quite tricky, and the real color is a bit darker than on photos.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Got any Vintage Style Bracelet Cuffs?

Yes, we have bracelet cuffs! Not all of them are listed in mdmButiik shop, because the wider ones are tricky to pack... But I'm sure there is a nice selection of colors and designs just go and take a look under mdmButiik bracelets section!

Got any Vintage Style Bracelet Cuffs?

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Vintage Style Earrings for Day or Night?

Same but different. These delicate and sparkly earrings with vintage Saphiret glass are hung on sterling silver leverback hooks. One is bright and sparkly, other is dark and mysterious. Choose your favorite!

SAPHIRET EARRINGS with Sappharine or Sapphirene

These sparkly rhinestone earrings have meticulous details, old Saphiret cabochons and sparkly rhinestones! Earrings hang from sterling silver leverback hooks. All of the rhinestones are attached one by one with thin wire. These Saphiret earrings come in different designs, choose your favorite!
Size:*3cm long *16mm in diameter

Friday, June 3, 2022

Colorful Rhinestone Pearl Earrings

Perfect colorful rhinestone pearl earrings for summer! Sparkly pastel colors with creamy pearls and golden accents. Aqua blue, light pink, yellow, light green!

colorful rhinestone pearl earrings

These colorful rhinestone pearl earrings are made with Austrian (Swar) rhinestones and creamy glass pearls. Perfect to give as a gift for somebody who loves romantic vintage style jewelry. Available in different colors and additionally in styles - do you prefer post/stud or dangle earrings? Get these from mdmButiik shop!
*Plate is appr. 1,5cm in diameter.
*2,5cm long.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Rhinestone Jewelry Set in Vintage Style

For those who like to keep things in sets! These items have a matching color combination greyish pearl and mint green! The small Saphiret brooch has rare glass stones with frosted finish!

Rhinestone jewelry set in vintage style

Mint and grey pearl bracelet consists of six metal plates, each with a square rhinestone in the middle and four sparkly crystals with beads and pearls. Grey pearl earrings with mint green have similar metal plate with a flat grey pearl bead. Earrings come with sterling silver hooks!

Friday, May 6, 2022

Antique Glass Jewelry Boxes

I love these antique glass boxes! Been collecting them for years and always keeping my eyes on new finds. Thick beveled glass panels, gilded metal frames with textured patterns, tufted silk lining with cute buttons, and those tiny feet...

antique glass jewelry boxes
You may recognize some jewelry from mdmButiik from previous collection. Saphiret and rhinestone brooch in the center surrounded by three small Saphiret brooches on sides, Saphiret and jet black cuff bracelet in front of it. Saphiret earrings and Mint and grey pearl bracelet, triangle shaped Saphiret brooch and Grey pearl earrings in front row. 

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Colorful Rhinestone Flower Earrings in Beginning of May

Happy beginning of May! Here's something colorful and suitable for Spring season. Sparkly rhinestones arranged as a flower pattern that you can wear. These colorful rhinestone flower earrings come in array of colors: yellow opal, amethyst purple, green opal, light sapphire blue, dark red, light amethyst purple, emerald green. 
Colorful rhinestone earrings are made with sparkly Swar. rhinestones and new and old glass beads. Perfect to give as a gift for somebody who loves romantic vintage style jewelry.
*Plate is appr. 1,5cm in diameter.
*2,5cm long.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Vintage Style Rhinestone Brooches

 Take a look at more vintage style rhinestone brooches at mdmButiik!

Vintage Style Rhinestone Brooches

Here's a selection of purple ones!

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Purple and Green Necklace with Saphiret Clasp and Three Rows

Lovely pastel colored necklace has ornate clasp and three rows of beads. One of a kind! Pastel color necklace combining purple and green shades in three rows of beads and an ornate hidden clasp. The clasp (box clasp) has rare Saphiret rhinestones in a beaded motif. Three rows of beads have a wide selection of old and new glass beads in asymmetrical arrangement. This purple and green necklace with Saphiret clasp is a one of a kind necklace, if it's sold cannot be reproduced.

Purple and Green Necklace with Saphiret Clasp and Three Rows

Purple and Green Necklace with Saphiret Clasp and Three Rows

You can wear the clasp traditionally at the back of the neck, or slide it on one side for asymmetrical look!

Materials include:
*old Saphiret glass stones in matte finish and round faceted rhinestone on the clasp
*new and old Czech glass beads in various shapes and sizes
*new Swar. crystal rhinestones in "Pacific Opal", "Violet" and "Crystal Cappuccino DeLite" colors
*old Saphiret glass beads
*vintage faceted beads from Western Germany and Czechoslovakia
*vintage handmade beads from France
*antique metallic microbeads
*56cm (22 inches) by shortest strand, 63cm (24 1/2 inches) longest
*Clasp measures under 3cm (appr. 1/16 inches)
*Biggest bead 18mm long, smallest 2mm

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Aqua Blue Rhinestone Brooch

Beautiful and bright color aqua blue! This shape is difficult to name... Lots of sparkle in this one! This aqua blue rhinestone brooch has lots of tiny sparkly crystals to catch light.

This rhinestone brooch features very sparkly center stone with lots of smaller rhinestones. Center stone is vintage Swar. "Aquamarine" crystal glass. Others are vintage and new Czech crystal glass rhinestones. This brooch features two glass beads that gives a bow look to this design. Size: *5cm (2 inches) wide, 4cm (1 5/8 inches) high

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Aqua Blue Vintage Rhinestones


Aqua Blue Vintage Rhinestones

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Emerald Green Jewelry in Vintage Style

Come take a look at emerald green jewelry in mdmButiik shop! You can find the Green and pearl rhinestone necklace pictured below, and those sweet small emerald green rhinestone brooches:

PS the glass leaf on the small emerald green rhinestone brooch is from Uranium glass and it glows under UV light!

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Emerald Green

Is it time to remember the winter? How the sparkle of green rhinestones were bringing the freshness of coming seasons? Sweet promise.

Inspired by the vintage and new jewelry components... Here we have vintage pressed jade glass stone, uranium glass leaf shaped button, vintage Austrian Swar. kite shaped crystals and other new and old glass rhinestones.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Historical Style Purple Necklace

Today I'm taking a moment to remind a piece of jewelry made way back. This historical style purple necklace was definitely a challenge! Setting the tiny rhinestones from the smaller motifs was really painful but the antique shape of the vintage purple glass stones from Germany was eye soothing.

Historically inspired necklace was handmade from with vintage purple glass stones (Germany), Austrian (Swr) rhinestones and old glass pearls. Royal purple combined with sparkly rhinestones and classic pearls! Each purple glass stone is surrounded both by tiny vintage glass seed pearls and a frame from sparkly crystal glass rhinestones. Small motifs have sweet vintage Austrian crystal drops that dangle playfully.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Small Saphiret Brooch

Small Saphiret Brooch has a selection of designs in different shades: pink, yellow, mint. What's your favorite? Each brooch has four Saphiret (Sapphirine) glass stones.

Small Saphiret Brooch
Brooches measure appr. 2,5cm (1 inch) in diameter. Pink design is 3cm (1 1/4 inches) wide.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Saphiret & Purple Rhinestone Brooch

Big brooch covered with sparkly rhinestones! This Saphiret rhinestone brooch is designed with a glowing purple oval stone in center.  Four sparkly vintage pear shaped rhinestones in "Lavendel" pointing to the corners of this square shaped brooch. Four plates adorned with beads, rhinestones and Sapphirine glass stones in purple hue. All of the rhinestones are set and attached to the design one by one.

Saphiret & Purple Rhinestone Brooch

The materials used in this brooch:
* old Sapphirette (saphiret or Sappharine) glass with matte finish* new Preciosa crystals in "Crystal Vitrail Light"
* vintage Swr. crystals in "Lavendel" and "Crystal Cappuccino DeLight"
* vintage oval glass stone in purple opal
* old and new glass pearls
* antique metal microbeads
*vintage Czech nailhead beads in silvery color
* nickle free metal components.
*measures 4x5cm (1 1/2 x 2 inches)

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Purple Shade

Remember there were some Sapphirine cabochons that looked to have a purple hue? Well I picked these out and will add to this smooth top purple cab in oval shape. Doesn't it look delicious?

These faceted pear shaped stones are vintage Swarovski "Lavendel" color. It will go together with the same antique cut steel beads I have in blue color that I used in the triangle shaped brooch.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

SAPHIRET BROOCH with Sapphirene or Sapphirine

Sparkly rhinestone brooch with vintage Saphiret glass stones! Designed in the shape of a triangle, combined by three motifs.  All of the rhinestones are set and attached to the design one by one. Take a look at more photos of this Saphiret Brooch with Sapphirene or Sapphirine!

vintage style saphiret brooch with sapphirene sapphirine

The materials used in this brooch:
* long shaped Saphiret glass stones with matte finish
* a faceted Saphiret glass rhinestone
* new small Swarovski crystals "Cappuccino DeLight"
* vintage Czech crystals in pear shape
* vintage opal glass beads
* old and new glass pearls
* antique microbeads
* nickle free metal components.
*3,5cm (1 3/8 inches) in diameter

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Vintage Jewellery Materials

 Take a look at these! Vintage Saphiret faceted glass stones with old micro glass seed beads, steel beads and pressed opal glass with silver lining. Vintage  machine cut pear shaped stones from Czechoslovakia.

On the last photo you see the frosted Sapphirine cabochons. These tiny round flatbacks are new Swarovski Cappuccino DeLight.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Vintage Saphiret Sapphirine Glass Cabochons

One of my best finds! These come in their original package with a color name Sapphirine. Flat backed, unfoiled and with frosted finish. Sappharine glass is a combination of brown with blue. How interesting, the hue of blue is inconsistent in these stones, from aqua to sapphire to almost purple?

Vintage Sapphirine Saphiret Glass Cabochons

So happy to find these for I've searched for Saphiret or Sapphirine glass for jewelry making. I'll probably use silver colored settings for these so the silver color metal will glow through the stone and present the color play of blue and brown!