Where do you get these vintage beads and crystals?
- All over the place! And that what makes treasure hunt so fascinating! I have crystals that were made in Austria, shipped to US jewellery makers in the 1930-50 and then sold on auctions now, so they traveled back to Europe. Beads and crystals are mostly European origin (Czechoslovakia of course, Austria, France and Germany) but I also got my hands on some very special handmade glass beads from 1950's Japan.

How much time does it take to make your jewellery?
rhinestone jewelry crystal brooch fashion accessories
- It varies on item to item. But for example this brooch took me 3 hours of intensive work. This is only the making of this brooch - the design process is lot longer for many technical issues must be resolved and of-course the aesthetics (the color combination, textures and the whole balance of the item). Now if I would add the preparation time when I set up all the right beads, rhinestones and compatible settings and the time I put everything back into their right packages in their right drawer in the right cabinet... Oh well, lets stick to the 3 hours, shall we?

Where did you learn to make jewellery?
- I'm 100% self-educated. The wanting to create was the fuel and my family and friends were my support. All the rest is hard work. 

I want to know more, can I subscribe?
- Yes, of course. If you want to know more about the vintage and antique materials that I find during my Treasure Hunts, see exclusive photos of jewelry making progress and what's behind the scenes then subscribing will make sure you don't miss all this! Subscribing to mdmButiik email-list will give you also access to news and offers related to mdmButiik Etsy shop and allows to get feedback. Come subscribe here.

Is your jewellery for sale?
- I'm glad you asked! My jewellery is available at official site www.mdmButiik.com 
But also on other platforms mdmButiik Etsy and mdmButiik DaWanda and in these shops in Tallinn, Estonia:

What does the buyers think about your jewellery?
- Here are some examples from Etsy mdmButiik:
Evelyn, USA: "
I received these earrings in a timely manner. I'm very happy with them. They are delicate and very well made."
Caitlin, USA: "My mother loved this! She wore it out to her anniversary dinner with my father the night she got it!"
Isabelle, France: "Ravissant !! Et ravissant!! Merci!" 
Fusako, Japan: "This is really beautiful saphiret brooch. I think that it is very precious. Also It can be wear as pendant with my ribbon. So cute! I Love this. Thank you so much!!"
Kaoru, Germany: "Ich liebe dieses wunderh├╝bsches St├╝ck! danke!"
Geoff, United Kingdom: "Beautiful and unique. A prefect present. Good, speedy service." 
Patrizia, Switzerland: "Even more beautiful than in the photo. A perfect gift. Thank you!"
Olga, Russia: "Excellent work!! Dear Katrin, thank you so much! This brooch - as all your other brooches, necklace, rings etc. - are great and wonderful! I feel the Autumn when look at this brooch:) Thank you so much! kind regards, Olga"