Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Color Inspiration: Caramel and the Fields of Gold

First this color brought caramel into my mind. The rich taste, you can choose if it's sweet or salty. But when I started to think of the season, then I realized that Autumn is the time of golden fields. Fields that move in the wind like waves in the sea. The color of leaves falling from the trees turn into beige also, reminding us the importance of letting things go when the time is right...

Beige is the color of neutral, calm, relaxing... It has the calculated maturity, acceptance that times will change. I realized that the most glass pearls that I have, are in the shade of caramel...
Selection of beige beads is limited in my bead stash. But I managed to find some round Czech glass beads and a mix. Fortunately I also purchased some vintage rice shaped glass beads from France.

Vintage oval glass stone has a rare color combination. While givre rhinestones are usually transparent glass with pink, blue or white, this one here has the sweetest color of caramel. The silky glass reflects from the folio of the glass stone. Vintage Swarovski navette in Light Smoked Topaz brings the contrast of light and dark, while new Swarovski color Sand Opal has modest glow that doesn't show itself on the first view.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Color Inspiration: Pale Rose

Remembering the season of the rose...
Autumn rose with pale rose petals, capturing last rays of sun. Enclosing its warmth within. The color of sweetness and innocence, softness, peace...

Inspired by the pink rose that has summer sun enclosed within, the first thought was of the old French beads in Prosser technique. They have the sweetest glow!
Antique hollow glass beads (in triangular plate) will add the sparkle. Vintage faceted glass beads have gentle rainbow gloss - I got these strung with labels "Made in Western Germany". I added some new Czechia glass beads, both pressed and faceted.

Delicate pink rice shaped pearls are vintage and will find their place among all the other beads. Inspired by pale pink rose.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Color Inspiration: Fields of Lavender

Imagine a morning by the fields of lavender. Muted colors of purple as the first rays of sun light up the misty air.
Inspired by these colors I put together a selection of vintage beads. Some in old English cut, some French Prosser technique. An array of purple violet colors in opaque, transparent and some covered with shiny coating.
Glass and crystal glass stones shimmer in the light. Rare textured glass stones with sparkly vintage Swarovski rhinestones create an enchanting contrast.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

New Colors for Autumn 2017

Summer is over and the colors we see are changing. The new colors that will become new jewelry are here:

Suvi on läbi ja värvid meie ümber muutuvad. Uued värvid, millest tulevad sügis-talvised 2017 ehted on kohal!

Bye-bye Summer!