Thursday, May 26, 2022

Rhinestone Jewelry Set in Vintage Style

For those who like to keep things in sets! These items have a matching color combination greyish pearl and mint green! The small Saphiret brooch has rare glass stones with frosted finish!

Rhinestone jewelry set in vintage style

Mint and grey pearl bracelet consists of six metal plates, each with a square rhinestone in the middle and four sparkly crystals with beads and pearls. Grey pearl earrings with mint green have similar metal plate with a flat grey pearl bead. Earrings come with sterling silver hooks!

Friday, May 6, 2022

Antique Glass Jewelry Boxes

I love these antique glass boxes! Been collecting them for years and always keeping my eyes on new finds. Thick beveled glass panels, gilded metal frames with textured patterns, tufted silk lining with cute buttons, and those tiny feet...

antique glass jewelry boxes
You may recognize some jewelry from mdmButiik from previous collection. Saphiret and rhinestone brooch in the center surrounded by three small Saphiret brooches on sides, Saphiret and jet black cuff bracelet in front of it. Saphiret earrings and Mint and grey pearl bracelet, triangle shaped Saphiret brooch and Grey pearl earrings in front row. 

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Colorful Rhinestone Flower Earrings in Beginning of May

Happy beginning of May! Here's something colorful and suitable for Spring season. Sparkly rhinestones arranged as a flower pattern that you can wear. These colorful rhinestone flower earrings come in array of colors: yellow opal, amethyst purple, green opal, light sapphire blue, dark red, light amethyst purple, emerald green. 
Colorful rhinestone earrings are made with sparkly Swar. rhinestones and new and old glass beads. Perfect to give as a gift for somebody who loves romantic vintage style jewelry.
*Plate is appr. 1,5cm in diameter.
*2,5cm long.