Thursday, August 18, 2022

Emerald Princess Rhinestone Bracelet

Green square shaped rhinestones from Czechoslovakia. These old and not so crisp anymore glass stones brought me back to emerald green. Small in size but lot to offer!

Emerald Princess Rhinestone Bracelet

Emerald Princess Rhinestone Bracelet

Here you see historically inspired bracelet covered with sparkly crystals in emerald green and clear color. I named it Emerald Princess Rhinestone Bracelet after a bracelet I previously made with kite shaped stones. It features vintage square-shaped (lighter shade) emerald green rhinestones from Czechoslovakia with clear rhinestones and new and old glass pearls in various sizes, tiny glass seedbeads and antique cut steel beads. Bracelet consists from 6 plates and measures 16,5cm (6 1/2 inches) shortest to 20cm (7 3/4 inches) longest (using the extender chain)


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