Monday, January 29, 2018

Color Inspiration: Chocolate Brown

Brown color is often underestimated. But I think it has many hues and shades... Here I chose the rich and deep brown like the color of dark chocolate. Brown is a composite color and that means it combines all primary colors into one: red, yellow and blue. By changing the amount of each color will give the brown a different look. Creating its character. It's all about balancing the different aspects of life.

Brown is the color of tree bark, color of nature... Also a color of coffee and delicious chocolate. It gives the sense of strength and stability, richness of tastes or features. 
Color Inspiration for jewelry

Vintage Preciosa crystal beads in color of Smoked Topaz is just the perfect color for this! Precise machine cutting will add the reflections as they move.

Adding metallic bronze colored glass beads will add character to other opaque and transparent glass beads.
Vintage style rhinestone jewelry

I chose the color of Smoked Topaz for the rhinestones as well. Here are Swarovski crystals in round and cushion shape. For versatility I'm adding a lighter shade into it as well...

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