Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Collection Begins...

It's true! It's the beginning of the new collection. Inspiration came and I created a little sample motif I can build a collection from. Let's hope the inspiration stays a while. Here's a little intro for the materials I'll use:

Antique Prosser beads in gorgeous coral pink color.
These are from Briare, France.
These are new handmade lamp worked beads. I used similar red
in my last brooch. The blue ones also have colorful glass drops
with sparkly aventurine.
Estonia, mdmButiik, designer jewelry
Here are the main colors together. Very sweet and feminine
don't you think?
Tõsi ta on! Siin on uue kollektsiooni algus. Inspiratsioonist tekkis proovitööna motiiv, millest saab ehitada terve kollektsiooni. Loodan, et inspiratsiooni veel jätkub. Siin on piltidel välja toodud kasutatavad materjalid. Väga magus ja naiselik, kas pole?


Lalithaa Jewellery said...

Colorful beads collection.
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Katrin mdmB said...

Hello Lalithaa! Thank you :D

prairie underground sale said...

very good to see your page .really awesome .keep work

Katrin mdmB said...

THank you :)