Friday, October 17, 2014

Five Years

Ülehomme 19ndal oktoobril on mdmButiigil sünnipäev. Firma tegemine võttis aega enam kui 5 aastat... Mis pole tegelikult palju, kuna olen ehteid teinud oma 17 aastat :) Sünnipäeva tähistamiseks on mdmButiigi Etsy poes allahindlus 20%!!! Selleks tuleb kasutada kupongi, mille annan varsti siin blogis, Facebookis, kui ka teadaandes poe logo all.
vintage beads
Redlhammer Brothers bead boxes in various colors of Prosser-beads 

Day after tomorrow on the 19th October is the birthday of mdmButiik. Starting a company took more than five years... It's not that much considering that I've made jewelry for 17 years by now :) To celebrate I'm having a big sale of 20% in my mdmButiik Etsy shop!!! To receive the sale you must use a coupon code that I'll give you here on blog soon, Facebook and write on the shop announcements under shop banner.

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