Saturday, March 26, 2016

Long Patterned Vintage Hollow Glass Beads

I have these very interesting silver-lined hollow glass beads (mercury beads). Just take a look! They have this delicate and very fine texture that creates a pattern. There are no coloring, only transparent glass that is coated with silver solution from inside. Each bead has very fine textured stripes vertically, that are actually inside the bead. And also you can see horizontal (bit tilted) stripes that I can feel with my fingers - these are on the surface of the bead. Together the lines create this awesome effect like metallic threads in lamé fabric.

The hollow glass beads are different in size but measure mostly
8mm long, 4mm wide and 2mm thick.
antique beads vintage
All the beads are bit different with the pattern varying.
Also some beads have silver lining turned dark due to
oxidizing near wholes.
The beads are bright as silver! Here are also some silver lined
"mercury beads" that are dyed in dark on the surface.

Mul on sellised huvitavad õõnsad klaashelmed (mercury beads). Vaata pilte! Neil on hästi õrn ja peenike tekstuur, mis loob huvitava mustri. Siin ei ole mingit joonistamist või värvi, ainult läbipaistev klaas, mis on seestpoolt hõbetatud. Igal helmel on tekstuursed piki-triibud, mis asetsevad klaasi seespoolsel küljel. Horisontaalselt (natuke viltu) lained on tunda väljapoolt, kui näpuga üle helme tõmmata. Need triibud ja lained tekitavad tekstiili-laadse efekti, nagu lamé kangas on metallniidid.


castle @ Silver Rings lover said...

woowww.. very nice glass designer beads... i want this kind of beads for my jewellery ... i will give FIVE STARS

Katrin mdmB said...

Thank you for your comment!