Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sapphire Blue Glass Stone

Sometimes I get caught with a very "ordinary" color that's been around for ages and I'm in awe. Again. This time it's sapphire blue.
In vintage jewelry it very often used.

Mõnikrd juhtub, et mind haarab mõni väga tavaline värv, mida on aastaid kasutatud. Olen lummuses. Jälle. Seekord on see safiir sinine.
Vanades ehetes on seda väga tihti kasutatud.



Tõesti on väga ilus kivi! Tervitused SwallowPatterns toimetajatelt :)

Katrin mdmB said...

Tervitused! :)

zerry ht said...

Really an interesting craft! Thank you very much for sharing these photos here. We are searching for an event space for a craft themed birthday party of our daughter. Her birthday is next month. Hoping to find a venue soon!