Monday, May 16, 2016

Gift is Finished - Sapphire Blue Rhinestone Brooch

And here is a finished piece! Rhinestone brooch is a great gift idea because of the many uses it has. You can wear it traditionally on lapel but also on a hat, attach a scarf or give a special touch to a sash on a more formal occasion. This is a gift for a very important person :)

Sapphire is such a royal color! Adding antique hollow glass pearls and golden mercury beads creates a beautiful classic combination.

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Ja siin on valmis töö! Ehtekividega pross on hea kingiidee, sest sellel on nõnda palju kandmise võimalusi. Seda võib kanda traditsiooniliselt revääril, aga ka näiteks kübaral, kinnitada sellega salli või pidulikumal üritusel kujundada lindiga särbiks. See on kingitus :)

Safiirsinine on nõnda kuninglik värv! Lisades siia antiiksed õõnsad pärlid ja kuldsed "mercury" helmed, tekib klassikaline kooslus.


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Katrin mdmB said...

Thanks Lalithaa! This is a brooch not a ring. This would make a massive ring :D

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