Sunday, August 14, 2016

Romantic Jewelry in Vintage Style: Progress

Here's a number of photos showing the progress of the new jewelry collection. I've finished the bead stringing and motifs. Still need a small and big motif that matches and then I can start assembling all together...

Overview of the materials used:
*blue handmade beads
*antique French pink Prosser beads
*new Czech glass pearls
*vintage Swarovski rhinestones

mdmButiik Estonia designer jewelry
The beginning of the motifs. The Swarovski rhinestones in
Light Sapphire color match perfectly with
the handmade blue beads.

mdmButiik Estonia designer jewelry
Making of the motifs. In front is the sample motif I made earlier.
At this point I already know I need more motifs than that :D

Estonia designer jewelry mdmButiik
Motifs are almost finished...

Playing with the idea for a big statement necklace. Definitely
keeping the vintage pearl drop from Japan.
Not sure about the oval bead in the middle.

antique Prosser beads, French, pink
Bead stringing in progress. I absolutely love the fact
that I have these antique French Prosser beads in various sizes!

antique Prosser beads, French pink
Lots of pin Prosser beads strung on fine chain, I love this shot :)

Siin on rida fotosid, mis näitab hetki ehtekollektsiooni valmimisest. Olen lõpetanud ehtemotiivid ning helmeste lükkimise. Vaja on veel disainida suurem ja väiksem motiiv ning siis saabki hakata ehteid kokku panema...

Ülevaade materjalidest:
*sinised käsitsi tehtud helmed
*antiiksed roosad Prosser helmed Prantsusmaalt
*uued Tšehhi klaaspärlid
*vintage Swarovski ehtekivid


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