Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Black Jewelry from Antique Beads

I got those black beads from treasure hunting in New York. What makes these round beads special is that they are antique hollow glass beads. Glass hollow beads were used before plastic was invented and it could offer the vast array of adorning materials to the garment industry. Due to light weight it was possible to sew lots of hollow glass beads on beautiful dresses and jackets and purses etc.

I matched the hollow glass beads with square shaped French jet nailhead beads and new seed beads (I really need to get some antique black seed beads!). In the black brooch dangles I used vintage black beads (I got from France) that are not hollow because hollow ones are fragile and need to be tucked between bigger beads for safety. These dangle earrings and tassel brooch can be either worn separately or as a set.
black jewelry from antique beads
Antique sample card with square shaped nailhead French Jet beads.
black jewelry from antique beads
Jewelry making in progress. Antique hollow glass beads were
strung on red cotton thread.
black jewelry from antique beads
Black brooch got long beaded dangles that were inspired
by Victorian dress appliques. Each dangle is finished off with old
Prosser bead in oval shape.
black jewelry from antique beads
Round hollow glass beads are tucked safely between higher
domed square shaped beads. This will protect the fragile hollow
glass beads in this brooch.
black jewelry from antique beads
The beaded dangles in this Victorian style brooch add movement!
black jewelry
Black jewelry from antique beads. Black jewelry can easily be
combined with each other. Here are some previously made necklaces.
black jewelry from antique beads
Black dangle earrings with antique, vintage and new beads.
Need musta värvi antiiksed helmed sain ma New Yorgist. Ümmargused helmed teeb eriliseks see, et need on nö. puhutud, seest õõnsad. Õõnsad klaashelmed olid kasutusel enne plastmassi tulekut, mis võimaldas toota suures valikus erinevaid kaunistusi rõivatööstusele. Kuna õõnes klaas oli kergem, kui nö. täis-klaasist helmed, siis sai neid rõivastele rohkem õmmelda.

Ma panin õõnsad helmed kokku ruudukujuliste nailhead helmeste ja uute seemnehelmestega (ma tõesti peaksin hankima endale musti antiikseid seemnehelmeid!). Prossi ripatsites kasutasin täis-klaasist ümmargusi helmeid (mis sain Prantsusmaalt), kuna õõnsad on liialt õrnad. Neid kõrvarõngaid ja prossi võib edukalt kanda nii eraldi kui ka komplektina.



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