Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Vintage Style Jewellery: Summer Vibes with Yellow

Summer vibes with Yellow. I have these old sew-on glass beads in most rare color. It almost glows and light, opal yellow! The beads are tiny, measuring only 7mm long with each bead having two holes for sewing to garments.
nailhead beads, yellow, greasy yellow, vintage beads
Very old and rare sew-on glass beads
The best Swarovski color that goes with these old sew-on beads is "Jonquil", but I included here also vintage "Yellow opal" color. That dark pink is "Rubinite" glass cabochon from Czechoslovakia.
A selection of new and old glass and crystal glass rhinestones
Vintage oval shaped "Sabrina Yellow" glass cabochon has a mixture of white opal and yellow glass. It also has a foiling at the back that reflects the light that is captured inside the glass stone!
vintage jewellery, sparkly, fantasy jewelry, mdmButiik
Bold color combination of
Dark pink and yellow rhinestone brooch
I really wanted to try this color combination :) Dark pink with yellow! This is one sparkly brooch!

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