Monday, April 15, 2019

Vintage Style Hair Pin Parade

I practice a lot and every time I come up with a new design or color combination I make an example piece so I can see if it works with whatever I'm at. Not everything make it to bigger jewelry pieces so in time I'll gather a sum of motifs that start to pile up. My working table gets messy very quickly and so I need to find a place for them.
rhinestone hair jewelry, hair accessories, pretty hair pins

So does need a place any rhinestone or bead that is left on my table. Using them in whatever design I can come up with will add more motifs that need their place. The easiest way to use these odd motifs is in hair pins - no need of pairs like in earrings.
handmade in Estonia, designer jewelry

I grouped the hair pins by color: blue rhinestone hair pins, red rhinestone hair pins, assorted green pink purple and the rest went into assorted colors. All of the hair pins are possible to remake in similar design, so if there's something sold and you want to buy just let me know.
bridal hair jewelry with rhinestones and pearls, vintage style

Sometimes it happens that the whole process starts to move backwards and the motif from leftover rhinestones and beads will trigger a new piece of jewelry.
wedding jewelry for bride to be

I really liked the motif with clear vintage square rhinestone, cream pearls and ivory glass beads. And so I made a Pearl bracelet with vintage rhinestones. This motif design became one of my favorite one. It's so odd when things turn out this way :)

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