Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Historical Style Pearl Necklace with Montana Blue Brooch

Here's another older photo I found. This necklace was requested via Instagram after I posted a photo of it. It's actually a five row pearl necklace and a brooch. The thing is that only brooches with needle exactly in the middle can be used this way. Unintentionally I made this Montana blue brooch with centered pin needle and later tried it with pearl collar necklace.

So it's a clever item, this Historical style pearl necklace. The pearl strands are original vintage, made in Japan in 1940-50's, strung and knotted for jewelry industry. These strands have their original metal tips that show signs of age.

The Montana blue rhinestone brooch has most gorgeous Swarovski octagon crystal in the middle. In deep blue that has such a royal feel to it. Surrounded by rhinestones and vintage glass pearls, the brooch design is inspired by antique historical jewelry.

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