Thursday, July 5, 2007

Käekett traadiga/Wirewrapped bracelet

Üks hiljutistest käekettidest. Kasutasin hõbetatud traati ning kuldpruune klaashelmeid. Kinnis on isetehtud.

*Wirewrapped bracelet I've recently made. I used silverplated wire and goldenbrown glassbeads. Also the clasp is made by me.


Christina said...

I really like this. Is some of it a herringbone weave for the wrapping?

Great job on the clasp!

mdmB said...

Yep, in the last picture. Thanks for the comment :)

Adrienne said...

Wooow!!!! :-) Wirework and beads together... beautiful and very special.

mags said...

Tämä ON kaunis! Persoonallinen ja hieno totetutus :-)