Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lucite Green Beads, Pearls & Padparadscha Crystals

Some progress shown here... This is an interesting color combination, I must add. More to come!

Another photo of the materials: antique lucite green porcelain beads, 
Czech glass pearls, Swarovski crystal rhinestones.
made in estonia estonian jewelry designers mdmbutiik
Some half-made details that will become a piece of the most romantic jewelry :)
padparadscha swarovski lucite green pearl crystal
Sparkly rhinestone brooch. In the center I put a Swarovski "baguette" crystal
 in Padparadscha color.
mdmbutiik estonia jewelry artist
Cute bracelet with a rhinestone charm!

Siin on näha natuke asjade arengut... Peab mainima, et see värvide kombinatsioon on päris huvitav. Püsi lainel!


Claire Tomlinson said...

I think that colour combination works perfectly!

Claire xo
Beads Jar UK

Katrin mdmB said...

I can't wait to finish the collection and show you the outcome :)