Monday, March 28, 2016

Vintage Baby Hat with Mercury Beads

Here's a cute vintage baby hat. White silk is embroidered with silver lined bugle beads and a selection of mercury beads (silver-lined hollow glass beads): small round and round flat.

Round flat mercury bead in the middle of the pattern surrounded by
smaller mercury beads and silver lined bugle beads (oxidized).
Photo from eBay

old fashion, fashion history
Seller of this baby hat assumes it's from 1930-50s.
Photo from eBay.

vintage, old, fashion, history
These are the beads I have. Same shape, with a slight pressing mark
running across the center and beads have little "neck"
around the holes where the beads were cut off.

Siin on üks armas beebi müts. Valge siid on tikitud hõbetatud pulgakujuliste helmeste ja kahes suuruses "mercury beads" (õõnsad klaashelmed) tüüpi helmestega.

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