Friday, October 4, 2019

Grey and Red Rhinestone Necklace in Vintage Style

This is the result of my work in progress. I think it is my first attempt to combine grey and red, can't really remember. This grey and red rhinestone necklace features a center motif with pearl cabochon in the middle and design spreading symmetrically glass pearls, beads and rhinestones. From the pendant hangs a big vintage glass pearl that has a bead cap adorned with rhinestones and pearls. Necklace has smaller plates that unite three beaded strands on both sides that will end in single strand to the clasp.

You can see the red pearls and old sew-on glass beads, with the smooth top red rhinestones. I'm still smitten about that baroque pearl drop! It's vintage and quite heavy and looking really spectacular - so bead cap with rhinestones and beads was not really in question! You can also see vintage red glass navettes and grey (Black Diamond) Swarovski baguettes - the thin rectangles on the pendant motif. 


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