Saturday, January 30, 2016

Antique Glass Sew-On Components

Sew-on beads can mean many kind of beads (e.g. beads that were sewn). I'm looking more closely to those sew-on beads with pierced holes and leave nailhead beads for later. Garment industry used these kind of glass stones before plastic sequins/paillettes. They were as thin as possible with hole or holes for sewing.

Since there's nothing new under the sun, it is very common nowadays to see similar acrylic stones and also many crystal manufacturers (incl Swarovski and Preciosa) have crystal glass sew-on stones in renewing assortment. Crystal glass sew-on beads are often used in sought after haute couture gowns and dresses.

vintage style jewelry rhinestone jewelry
My stash of antique sew-on beads in various colors, shapes
and sizes. Most of these came from a antique shop from Germany.

antique fashion clothing vintage style
Edwardian pink velvet opera coat with lamé lace and sew-on
beads in pink and crystal s from 21stCenturyVamp.

Antique salesman sample card of sew-on beads with frosted finish.

Gorgeous peacock colored gown from Tear-shaped,
hexagonal, square and small round sew-on beads in several colors.

vintage glass
All of these sew-on beads have two holes and goldfoiling.
Pressed from glass using a mold that gave "rose cut" facets.
Some of the beads have been additionally polished.
"Sew-on" helmestel on laiem mõiste, kui antud postituses toodud näidetel. See tähendabki üldistatult helmeid, mida õmmeldakse. Siinkohal vaatlen lähemalt helmeid, millel on augud ning nn "nailhead" helmed jätan hilisemaks. Rõivatööstus kasutas selliseid klaasist lapikuid helmed enne plastmassi võidukäiku, mis tõi kirjeldamatult suure valiku litreid. 

Selliseid aukudega õmmeldavaid helmeid toodetakse ka tänapäeval. Tihti on neid näha akrüülist, aga ka suuremad kristallklaasi tootjad (k.a Swarovski ja Preciosa) valmistavad siiamaani õmmeldavaid kive oma üha uuenevas valikus. Kristallklaasist kivikesi kasutatakse tihtilugu ihaldatud kõrgmoe rõivastes.

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