Saturday, February 11, 2017

Vintage Style Brooch with Vintage Glass Opals

Gorgeous vintage glass opals matched with vintage clear glass and antique hollow glass beads are the main components of this brooch. Those glass opals have silver foil inside glass, reflecting light through opal glass like orange clouds reflect the sun at sunset...

vintage style jewelry


Imeilusad vintage klaasist opaalid koos kristallivärvi klaasi ja antiiksete õõnsate klaashelmestega on selle prossi peamised komponendid. Klaasist opaalidel on sees hõbedast lehekesed, mis peegeldavad valgust läbi pool-läbipaistva klaasi nagu oranžid pilved päikese valgust loojangul...

Monday, January 16, 2017

Inspired by Frost

Have you seen the grey colored jewellery from the latest collection at

vintage style necklace, rhinestone necklace, made in Estonia by mdmButiik

Kas oled juba käinud aadressil ja vaadanud ehteid uuest kollektsioonist?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Grey Jewellery in Vintage Style

Grey jewellery in vintage style. Here is a selection of the collection. Center motif that was also shown in previous post, has a vintage baguette shaped French rhinestone, new sparkly Swarovski grey colored crystal, glass pearls and beads. These will be listed on soon!

vintage style jewelry by mdmButiik, made in Estonia, rhinestone necklace, rhinestone bracelet, costume jewelry, rhinestone earrings, brooches for gifts

Vintage stiilis halli värvi ehted. Siin on valik uuest kollektsioonist. Keskne motiiv, mis oli näha ka eelmises postituses, koosneb vintage Prantsusmaal valmistatud klaaskivist, uuest Swarovski halli värvi kristallist, klaasist pärlitest ja helmestest. Need ehted ja teised lähevad kohe-kohe lehele!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Vintage Style Grey Jewellery in Progress

I'm inspired by the crisp hues of frost turning everything into quiet sleep. Covering with sparkling ice crystals and muting all the colors. Take a look at the vintage and new materials for next collection.

vintage style jewellery jewelry mdmbutiik
Vintage faceted silver-colored Czech seed beads, round
transparent Czech beads in warmer shade of grey,
rare nailhead beads with pressed makers mark,
hand faceting and silver finish.
vintage style grey jewellery
French glass rhinestones, these vintage stones are pressed and
compared to machine cut Swarovski rhinestones look like glowing little lights.

vintage style grey jewellery
Adding some vintage and new glass pearls all in different shades
of grey. Vintage smooth top round cabochons look like dew drops!

vintage style grey jewellery mdmButiik jewelry
Sparkly machine cut Swarovski in color "Black Diamond" - brand new and crisp.

rhinestone jewelry, costume jewelry, mdmbutiik, made in Estonia
Playing with contrasts. Different metals - warm copper and cold
silver, hues of grey - warm to cold, transparent versus
opaque, vintage glass and sparkly  high quality Swarovski.

Inspireeritud külmast härmatisest, mis uinutab kõik vaiksesse unne. Kattes kõik jääkristallidega ning muutes kõik värvid jõuetult jahedaks. Siin on valik uusi ja vanu materjale, millest tuleb järgmine ehtekollektsioon.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Emerald Green Rhinestone Jewelry

Emerald green is the color of evergreen and associates with the holidays. I found these small vintage drop shaped glass gems in emerald green. I have only couple of dozens and that means this jewelry is very limited. The green cascading necklace I showed previously and now can be matched with similar earrings, rhinestone bracelet and rhinestone brooch!

Emerald green goes so well together with grey! Here you see
vintage Czech silver colored seed beads, vintage French glass
pearls, vintage green beads from Japan, green glass gems
that are probably from Germany and new Swarovski rhinestones
in "Black Diamond" color
These are so small but have pressed facets on the surface
and gold foiling on the back.
vintage style jewellery, jewelry, brooches, mdmbutiik
This luxurious looking emerald green rhinestone brooch
has so many details!
vintage style rhinestone jewelry, jewellery, green jewelry, gift ideas
There are same motifs used in these
emerald green rhinestone earrings as well as in the brooch and bracelet.
Here is all the set together. The cascading necklace was the first
and the emerald green rhinestone brooch was the last.
vintage style jewellery, mdmbutiik jewelry, green, bracelets for her
The navette shaped glass cabochons in this
emerald green rhinestone bracelet are the same as in the
cascading necklace and rhinestone brooch. The glass stones
have smooth surface.