Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lucite Green Collection with Swarovski Padparadscha

Here's the result of months of stringing beads, setting rhinestones and attaching the pearls! I still like the tassels as you can see. Take a look at the new collection on Etsy mdmButiik. Click the listings, look at the photos and share if you like :)

Assemblage Tudor Victorian Hollywood glamour Audrey Hepburn Estonia mdmButiik handmade unique
Here's a group photo of some of the rhinestone jewelry.
vintage costume jewelry costume play cosplay jewelry
 Rhinestone brooch is available on my Etsy shop. As well are the charm bracelet and stud earrings.
Vintage rhinestone necklace crystal Princess necklace mdmButiik
This rhinestone necklace is fit for a princess!
Estonian handmade designer jewelry
 These rhinestone earrings are rather small, measuring 3cm long.
Swarovski mdmButiik rhinestone jewelry Lucite green pearl
Lot of bead stringing here! These old French Prosser beads have such a nice rustic look! 
This rhinestone bracelet is available on Etsy.
Miriam Haskell style jewelry Estonian designer
Fun tassel necklace on the right is perfect for everyday wear! The necklace on the left was the last one I finished. There are also some other jewelry that can be combined with the ones on the photo. See more at mdmButiik Etsy.

Siin on kuudepikkuse lükkimise, kristallide kinnitamise ja pärlite põimimise tulemus! Nagu näha, meeldivad helmestest ripatsid mulle jätkuvalt. Uus kollektsioon on Etsy mdmButiik poes. Kliki tooted lahti, vaata pilte ja jaga, kui sulle meeldib :)

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