Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dark Brown Rhinestone Jewelry Inspired by Dark Chocolate

From the collection of Flavors, this dark brown rhinestone necklace is inspired by the rich taste of chocolate. Just as the best quality of chocolate reveals it's nuances for those who take the time, this necklace has many details to capture! Featuring a pendant covered with old and new Swarovski rhinestones, vintage and new pearls and finished of with a row of selected beads.
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Dark brown rhinestone necklace from Flavors of Chocolate

Sparkle up your wrist with this matching bracelet. In the center of this dark brown rhinestone bracelet is a metal plate adorned with new and old glass beads and sparkly rhinestones. Enclosed with two oval glass stones and a selection of beads.
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The centerpiece of this dark brown rhinestone bracelet
is overflowing with beads and rhinestones!

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